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Our mission is to equip followers of Christ to discover their life calling, develop a Kingdom mindset,
and be deployed as urban influences and ministers

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Step into a self-discovery process to learn how to connect with God and with others and form your life mission statement


Clarify your purpose and learn how to connect to real life opportunities


Begin to change the world by applying the Great Commission to practical ministry

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Ready to be empowered and equipped to change your world?
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3D Influence?

We help urban believers step up into their gifting & purpose and begin to make a difference!

#1. Discover YOU and your CONNECTION!

God created YOU to be unique and set apart for His glory. Each of us has a purpose that God designed us for. Come discover how to use your gift set to grow deeper with God and influence others!

#2. Develop your PURPOSE!

Clarifying your purpose and know how to connect to real life opportunities!

#3. Deploy to SERVE!

Learn how to apply the Great Commission to practical missions and to become an urban influencer!


Trusted by Leaders and Students Alike


“I want to pursue full-time ministry and it’s really good for me to be in a space of other Christ followers to dialogue about that and make goals. Not just talking about it, but actually doing it and being held accountable to it was really beneficial.”

April, 25

“3D Influence really helped me! I keep the life arrow with my important documents so I can always go back and look at it. This is a really great resource.”

Isaiah, 27

“Tisa has been my teacher and mentor for the last two years and it’s been a blessing! Because we wrote down my dreams and visions, I learned more about my gifts and how parts of the vision will come later.”

Christina, 21

“All I know is 3D influence changed my life by giving me concrete direction, pulling from the natural wiring God has created in me.It also gave me more direction and the next steps in a ministry action plan which helped me spearhead some programs.”

Priscilla, 38